Posted by: Patrick | May 20, 2009

Mashable: American Idol Winner — Can Google Predict the Results?


This article was co-authored by John Cole and Katie Perry from 360i, a digital marketing agency that drives results for premier brands through insights, ideas, and technologies. You can follow 360i on Twitter.

Everyone thinks they know who is going to win American Idol this season: your mom, your 12-year-old sister, about half of the people you follow on Twitter (Twitter reviews) and even Simon Cowell all seem to agree that California rocker Adam Lambert will be this year’s champ.

Well, now you can add digital marketers to the growing list of Adam-believers – but for a different reason.

What if you could predict the winner of American Idol before the final votes were tallied – without having followed the season’s contest or listened to the pundits – by analyzing online search trends alone? Are search trends really a proxy for what will happen in the future?

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