Posted by: Patrick | June 2, 2009

Huliq News: Visible Vote Now On iPhone, Blackberry and Facebook

Have you ever wondered how your elected official has voted on certain issues and could not have found it? Two tech enthusiasts have created an application called Visible Vote helping iPhone, Blackberry and Facebook users to easily see how their congressmen and senators vote on issues.

According to NBC’s WIS10 Paul Everton and Stephen Trac created the “Visible Vote” application shortly after Congress passed the $750 billion bank bailout. This new application allows you to select your U.S. House Representative and Senator. It then keeps a tally of his or her voting record.

In fact Visible Vote allows you to send feedback and your opinion to your representative in case you agree or may disagree with the way he or she voted on a particular issue. You can also write the Congress personal notes and and letters right from your mobile device such as iPhone, Blackberry and also Facebook by using Visible Vote.

The website is, but it’s still under construction or Beta version. However, you can visit the Visible Vote on Facebook. That’s the message on the site.

Visible Vote “is dedicated to making government transparent and accountable. Visible Vote allows you to vote on the same issues your legislators are voting on. It then cross compares your votes to your legislators over time. Visible Vote even updates your legislators with your votes for you via FAX. You can also FAX a personal letter to your representatives,” reads the message on the site.

Visible Vote instructions for Blackberry Users

For the Blackberry Storm, Blackberry Bold and 8900 Curve please do the following:

1) Point your Blackberry Browser to:

2) Download and install the application

3) Run the program and create a password and put in your zip code. Then you should be complete!

4) If you have a facebook account visit us on Facebook and go to the Settings on Visible Vote. Then synchronize your blackberry to it.

Visible Vote iPhone instructions and screenshots are available here.

What you can do with Visible Vote:

1) Send a letter to your Legislators through your iPhone.
2) Track how your legislators are voting on issues you care about.
3) Vote on the same Bills as your legislators.
4) Look at each issue your legislator agrees or disagrees with you on.

Based on materials gathered from and other media reports.


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