Posted by: Patrick | June 2, 2009

Poll: Business People Say Twitter More Important Than LinkedIn

The qualifying question here is “Which social media platform is more important to brands?” In that case the real battle should be between consumer oriented platforms like Facebook and Twitter, not a business platform liked LinkedIn.
A month-long poll conducted on business social network LinkedIn has uncovered some fascinating numbers concerning social media platforms and brand presence. The biggest surprise was that Twitter was deemed more important to brands than LinkedIn, and the poll was performed on LinkedIn. With more than 3,600 respondents so far, each well understood in terms of job titles, company size, age and gender – this is a high-quality data set worth paying attention to. The question asked was simply: “What is the most important new platform for brands to master?” Options were Twitter, Facebook, the iPhone, Digg and LinkedIn.

Some of the conclusions were a real surprise. Others confirmed our suspicions. Read on for charts, bullet points and a few thoughts.

Poll: Business People Say Twitter More Important Than LinkedIn

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  1. I’m not surprised by the outcome of this research in particular with the amount press Twitter has recently received. It would be interesting to re-poll everyone in 6 months time to see if their views have changed. Although, I think the polling question didn’t compare like with like. The poll should have compared other micro blogging sites, such as Yammer and Dodgeball.

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